Saturday, August 29, 2015

Welcome to the Byron Bergen Middle School Physical Education Program

Teachers: Mr. Jeffords & Mrs. Carson 
"The Difference Between Ordinary and Extra Ordinary,
 is that Little EXTRA!"
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experience in PE class **


The goals of the physical education program are as follows:

* Learn the skill necessary to perform a variety of phyiscal activities 
* Become physically fit
* Know the implications of and the benefits from being involved in physical activities
* Value physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle

SchoolCenter PictureGuidelines For Your Successful Participation
- Dress Daily
- Follow Directions
- Give Maxium Effort
- Smile (Have Fun!)


Dress Code:
All student must change into physical education attire for class. 
- Shorts or sweatpants, T-shirt or sweatshirt (NO tank tops or spaghetti
 strap shirts)
- Sneakers must be laced and tied firmly at all times
- Be prepared to go outdoors in different weather conditions

Jewelry Policy:
The removal of all jewelry is the safest manner for children to participate in physical education classes and intramural activities.

Each student is issued their own locker for the entire school year. Please do not share lockers and locker combinations with others.  It is the students's responsibility to properly take care of personal items and use their lockers correctly.

Students are graded by the use of a grading rubric for each unit presented. The areas to be graded include:

  - Skills
  - Strategy
  - Knowledge of rules
  - Personal and social responsibility

The student will also be given an effort grade based upon:
  - Willingness to improve
  - Participating to the best of their ability
  - Displaying a positive attitude
  - Showing respect and responsibility to others